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Think Bigger with Graph - the Killer App Is Integration

2018 was the “Year of the Graph”, heralding advancements in graph products primarily addressing graph analytics use cases like fraud and community detection. This momentum continues in 2019, with...

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Creating Semantic Layers to Realize Information Fabrics

I recall a senior executive of one of the world’s largest consumers of data proudly proclaiming in a much-celebrated announcement that went something like this: “We’ve made the bold decision to...

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Adaptive Technology for Complex Organizations

One can aptly describe many of today’s organizations as complex adaptive systems. Dynamic interaction patterns and emergent relationships characterize their complexity, while their ability to change...

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No Decisions Until It's Time

Superior decision making is an essential aspect of life, whether it be in business, national security, health, environment, and every other aspect of human existence. Look no further than...

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Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies to Create Information on Demand

Real-world events demonstrate our inability to understand rapidly and accurately what we already know. In other words, we cannot answer questions completely, despite the fact that we may hold the...

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Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Improved Decision Making

Real-world events demonstrate our collective inability to rapidly and accurately observe, process, and interpret information in support of decision making. Additionally, one can argue that any...

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