Knowledge Graph Best Practices | An Introduction

Posted by Sam Chance on Aug 25, 2021 12:07:23 PM
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This blog post kicks off a series of best practices for getting a knowledge graph project off the ground. From consideration, to evaluation, to implementation, to expansion and everything in-between.

Increasingly, there is a shared and growing understanding of the strategic importance of data and the need to maximize value from data. Large enterprises are pursuing what has been dubbed, Digital Transformation. Decision makers need on demand access to current and accurate information in changing and uncertain times.

The Data Fabric is a contemporary concept to provide frictionless access to information, to improve decision making, and to adapt in a volatile world. Consequently, knowledge graph technology has been thrust into the spotlight. Data fabrics powered by knowledge graph technology provide new approaches to data management, integration and access. Further, careful examination and experience show that knowledge graphs built on W3C Semantic Web standards are the logical choice for implementation.

Concepts such as data centricity, data as a product, and responsibility to share represent fundamental changes in how enterprises operate. The ebook title “The Rise of the Knowledge Graph” discusses these concepts in detail and provides an excellent resource for getting started.

Customers who engage us understand these concepts, or they sense there is something new and important that they need to understand. To promote adoption of knowledge graph technology-based approaches, we developed this series to help a person go from considering the project, evaluating various vendor's solutions, and to actually moving forward. 

This series provides advice on how to market a knowledge graph initiative internally, and how to plan and run the project optimally to produce the ideal outcome — a phase one knowledge graph, on time and on budget with real ROI. 

We discuss how to build support, develop a demonstration, select a first use case, assemble the team, and plan for success.

Where is your organization in its knowledge graph journey? 


Knowledge Graph Best Practice Series

  1. Building Momentum | Educating others about knowledge graph and getting support for the project
  2. Selecting Your Fist Use Case | Set up for success
  3. Assembling the Team | Required roles and skills
  4. Preparation | What to do before you begin to avoid delays

If you haven’t seen our series on fostering data integration at enterprise scale, please check it out.



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