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AnzoGraph DB is now a Graph Database that Supports Geospatial

How geospatial in a graph database can take away some of the pain of location analytics Today, we published a preview of AnzoGraph™ DB with an important new feature - namely geospatial analytics....

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Overcoming Common Barriers to the Knowledge Graph

What it takes to integrate and analyze disparate data in a modern infrastructure If you are a practitioner in the analytics space and a believer that enterprise data can be a huge strategic asset,...

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Announcing AnzoGraph® DB Version 2

Last year, Cambridge Semantics took a bold move to spin out AnzoGraph® DB as a separate product. Our database engine has long been (and continues to be) the core of the popular Anzo® data fabric...

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Why We Built a Graph Database that Deploys in Containers

Today, we announced that AnzoGraph™ is now available on Kubernetes. By deploying in the Kubernetes environment, you can easily define and install our Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) graph...

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The Benefits of Graph Databases [Infographic]

What’s the difference between AnzoGraph compared to Neo4j, Amazon Neptune and many other graph databases on the market? The difference has a lot to do with whether the database is Online...

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Take Advantage of the Metadata Benefits of Graph Databases

It’s well known that graph databases represent new categories of analytics capability and potential for machine learning. If you want to create a knowledge graph, understand buyer intent, or create...

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Understanding Graph Databases

What Enterprise Architects should know about Graph The description of graph databases that you get when you Google it are mostly academic. I see a lot of descriptions about graph databases that talk...

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