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Controlling Data Governance with Semantics

Posted by John Rueter on Apr 14, 2016 2:33:01 PM

Regardless of the ROI of any data-centered solution, upper level management will not support it unless it adheres to governance and security conventions. By definition, data governance formalizes the roles, responsibilities, and rules required for data’s long-term sustainability. Its symbiotic relationship with security ensures that data is protected from the people and practices that negatively affect organizations.

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Topics: Semantics, Data Governance, Compliance

Revolutionizing Analytics with Semantic Data Lakes

Posted by John Rueter on Jan 25, 2016 5:34:00 PM

Recent developments in big data technologies have significantly impacted the prowess of contemporary analytics; the most profound of these involves the deployment of semantically enhanced semantic data lakes. These centralized repositories have revolutionized the scope and focus of analytics by enabling organizations to analyze all data assets with a specificity and speed that wasn’t previously available. The value derived from such an approach improves the analytics process at both the granular and macro levels, expediting everything from conventional data preparation to informed action.

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Topics: Semantics, Data Integration, Big Data, Data Lake, Analytics, Smart Data Lake