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Posted by Eugene Linkov on Feb 16, 2023 7:17:00 AM
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We are extremely excited for what’s up and coming for CSI! For months, the engineering teams have been working on major releases for the Anzo and AnzoGraph products that are due to be released in the spring of this year. 

Anzo 6.0 showcases a redesigned user experience and new features that place graph at the forefront of the UX experience. 

The optimizations being pumped into AnzoGraph 3.0 continue to uniquely push the graph database to be best-in-class for enterprise-scale analytics. 

Equally exciting (if not more) is the work we are doing to deliver our first SaaS offering for building knowledge graphs. I’ll briefly mention a few of the highlights but stay tuned for a lot more detail and showcase demos. 

We’ll also be at a few upcoming conferences, including Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2023, Knowledge Graph Conference, and Open Data Science Conference, so be sure to stop by for a live demo if you are attending!

Anzo 6.0

Since the release of Anzo 5.0 in 2020, we have consistently evolved the product to improve usability, stability, and the underlying technology. With this evolution, we have developed the ability to utilize AnzoGraph, not only as the underlying storage and query mechanism for knowledge graphs, but as the ETL and ELT engine. 

In Anzo 6.0 we revamped the user experience to make building knowledge graphs easier than ever. Anzo will no longer rely on Apache Spark for managing ETL Spark jobs and other supporting artifacts. The new UX adds a slew of new capabilities for no-code knowledge graph creation. We’ve consolidated a lot of legacy code, updated core frameworks, and expanded automated code coverage. Other improvements include expanded Kubernetes support, automation optimizations, and UI scalability. These advancements in Anzo 6.0 will help our growing enterprise customer base onboard more users and accelerate the formation of enterprise data fabric or data mesh foundations.

AnzoGraph 3.0

Scalable and performant. Anzograph is the leading analytical graph database for enterprise-scale performance, equipping customers with the ability to take on previously impossible challenges. Engineering continues to optimize the database and in 3.0 the team has reworked how memory is allocated and monitored within AnzoGraph. This lays the foundation for even more exciting features that will be rolling out in subsequent releases. AnzoGraph 3.0 bundles a number of great features such as SHACL validation support for RDF rule based constraints, User Defined Procedures for passing custom code directly to the database, and improved stability and error handling for better user experience. 

Knowledge Graph SaaS

For years, we’ve been expanding our cloud capabilities to enable the deployment of Anzo, AnzoGraph, and other supporting artifacts using Kubernetes. Kubernetes allows our customers to deploy containerized packages to any major cloud provider or containerized on-prem options in an on-demand and scalable fashion. Customers can choose the right size deployment for their knowledge graph, perform their analysis, and deprovision the environment if it is not needed. These capabilities, coupled with the major simplifications of the Anzo 6.0 user experience, have enabled us to deliver a SaaS offering of Anzo. 

While the initial SaaS offering will not have some of the enterprise features that Anzo has today, it will provide a similar UX to Anzo 6.0 for users to quickly build and deploy knowledge graphs. An online portal with billing management will accelerate use case adoption and broaden the audience of potential users that can start to benefit from the power of Anzo-driven Knowledge Graphs. After all, knowledge graph-powered data fabric and data mesh architecture should not be limited to large enterprise deployments!

If you’re new to Anzo or an existing user seeking to learn more about the upcoming products, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a demo or take a deeper dive into what is possible with knowledge graph technology.

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