Simplify Clinical Trials Metadata Management with Semantic Technology

Posted by Raj Tekchandani on Dec 17, 2014 11:46:00 AM

The FDA has adopted the CDISC SDTM standard for clinical trial submission. While the standard has the potential to simplify the reporting processes, adoption poses challenges to and raises questions for pharma companies testing their medicines in the clinic. In response, organizations have tasked groups with managing clinical trial metadata in compliances with these standards.

We at Cambridge Semantics have been working with these groups to address these challenges with Anzo Pharma SmartBench, a user-driven platform for developing flexible data collaboration, integration and analytics solutions. Anzo Pharma SmartBench is based on Semantic Web Technology – the same standards used by CDISC to represent SDTM.

Anzo Pharma SmartBench features –

 • Flexible data modeling to manage, merge and version CDISC and internal standards
• User-friendly Microsoft Excel integration to capture standards definitions and changes - commonly captured in spreadsheets
• Enterprise and IT tools to connect with clinical data capture systems and other databases
• Anzo Smart Data Integration to automate the mapping and transformation of data to the metadata standards for reporting and analytics
• End-user configurable web apps for analytics, collaboration and data management. 


Click here to see a recording of the webinar where Ben Szekely, our Vice President of Solutions at Cambridge Semantics ..

• Briefly discussed the challenges of clinical metadata management
• Introduced semantic technology and how it applies to clinical metadata management
• Discussed key use cases Cambridge Semantics is working on
• Showed a short demonstration of Anzo Pharma SmartBench

 View Webinar


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