Semantic Technology – the Catalyst to Making Big Data Smarter

Posted by Raj Tekchandani on Oct 15, 2014 9:51:00 AM

We recently contributed an article to CMS Wire, a popular web magazine focused on information management and other enterprise issues.

The article deals with the importance of creating Smart Data out of Big Data through the use of Semantic Web technology. In this article, we outline what enterprises are seeking and why they think the Semantic Web can make Big Data smarter.

With the growth in Big Data, the current approach of IT continually optimizing the data model for enabling users to conduct analytics and data management is not sustainable. Big Data has to become smarter. Users must be able to self-help to understand the data and to search, aggregate, curate, filter, visualize, analyze, collaborate, share, and manage data from diverse sources. Systems must be able to enable self-help capabilities. This includes the ability to discover and semantically link varied keywords and concepts.

There is a need – not only to have a glossary of terms and entities – but also to manage the relationships between different data and meta-data so that search, data lineage and other actions can be performed. Moreover, as data leaves its application, meta-data must travel with the data so that the data does not lose its meaning.

In this article, we outline the select needs of our customers and partners and detail the value that the Semantic Web provides to Big Data users.  We can be assured that as customers deploy Semantic Web technology with Big Data we will see further validation of the incredible value the Semantic Web brings in making Big Data, Smart Data.

For more information, we invite you to read the full article: How Semantic Web Tech Can Make Big Data Smarter

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