Semantic Graph Databases: The Evolution of Relational Databases [SlideShare]

Posted by Kirk Newell on Jul 28, 2016 12:30:00 PM
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In this webinar Barry Zane, our Vice President of Engineering and an industry expert in Database technologies, discusses Semantic Graph databases as the next step in the evolution of Relational databases.

More and more CDO's are beginning to view the semantic-based graph data model as the preferred data model for enterprise organizations. It has all of the advantages of a relational data model, but goes even further by allowing for more intelligence to be built into the database itself, while future-proofing the data through greater flexibility to absorb the inevitable changes to data requirements and even greater scalability.

Watch the full webinar "Semantic Graph Databases: The Evolution of Relational Databases" on-demand.

View these slides to learn more about the the evolution of databases from Relational to Semantic Graph and the Anzo Graph Query Engine, the key element of scaling the Anzo Smart Data Lake™. Based on elastic clustered, in-memory computing, this component offers interactive ad hoc query and analytics on datasets with billions of triples. With this powerful layer of real-time insight over their data, end users can effect powerful analytic workflows in a self-service manner.

As data scientists and solution architects move from relational to semantic graph data bases, they are now able to utilize the Anzo Graph Query Engine to query and analyze their data in a real-time, self-service fashion. To learn more, watch the entire webinar recording "Semantic Graph Databases: The Evolution of Relational Databases".

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