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Posted by Raj Tekchandani on Jan 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

A round up of recent industry news on the topics of Big Data and Enterprise Data Management

 How To Test Drive Big Data Analytics

Forbes, 1/19/2015
Cloud-centric ‘autonomic’ application management company Qubell has announced Qubell for Hadoop Developers. The software is intended to enable Hadoop programmers and data engineers to get access to on-demand test environments for big data analytics projects. The assertion here (made by IDC analyst Melinda Ballou) is that too many companies are still at what has been called “immature levels” of quality and configuration management for production environments that can support big data analytics — and so, logically, these firms are not really using or taking advantage of big data analytics yet.

 Is Big Data Finally Getting Traction?

Forbes, 1/19/2015
Two consulting firms have almost simultaneously released two new surveys on the state of big data. Both show big data finally getting traction in the real world, but one is a shade more optimistic than the other. We’ll start today with a look at the more optimistic of the two: Enterprise Management Associates report, “Big Data in Action: Insights across the Hybrid Enterprise.” We’ll look at Capgemini’s “Cracking the Data Conundrum: How Successful Companies Make Big Data Operational” survey later this week.

 HP: Big data will help CIOs run a tight ship

IT World Canada, 1/19/2015
Big data could help to tighten up internal IT operations before it revolutionises the broader business, say HP experts. Predictive analytics is going to become the norm for businesses in 2015, but perhaps not where you might think, according to Hewlett-Packard.

 5 Trends in Big Data Uncovered

Business 2 Community, 1/18/2015
Even if the term “big data” is overused to encompass more about the digital world than it should, there is no denying it’s relevance to today’s enterprises. Companies have been forced to re-examine their data management strategies to make the most of the vast troves of data – both structured and unstructured – at their disposal.

 Big Data Digest: How many Hadoops do we really need?

Computer World, 1/16/2015
Say hello to Flink, the newest distributed data analysis engine on the scene.

This week, the Apache Software Foundation announced Apache Flink as its newest Top-Level Project (TLP). Apache also provides a home for Hadoop, Cassandra, Lucene and many widely used open source data processing tools, so Flink's entry into the group speaks well for its technical chops.

 We're being stigmatized by 'big data' scores we don't even know about

LA Times, 1/15/2015
The White House recently announced two major privacy initiatives. A proposed Personal Data Notification and Protection Act would force companies to notify customers about data breaches. A Student Data Privacy Act would, if passed, prevent a growing ed-tech sector from using student data for ads.


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