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Can Graph Integrate Data At Scale? Hint: Yes, but the answer isn’t what you think.

This post was originally posted on my, Ben Szekely's, Medium blog early in 2020. I recently had several conversations with leaders in the healthcare and retail industries that reminded me how...

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Merck KGaA, Bosch, and Deloitte share their knowledge graph stories

Recently, knowledge graph project leaders from Merck KGaA, Bosch, and Deloitte sat down with knowledge graph expert Mike Atkins for a lively discussion of their vision for knowledge graph technology...

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The Six Essential Requirements for the Scalable Knowledge Graph

This blog explores the requirements vital to thorough vetting of knowledge graph platforms. For more detail on these requirements go to the linked white paper The Six Essential Requirements for...

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Knowledge Graphs: Breaking the Cycle of the AI-data Paradox

This blog explores the relationship between data management and AI in the context of knowledge graphs, and offers practical considerations to get started building an enterprise scale knowledge graph.

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MPP Data Virtualization

The Cambridge Semantics Breakthrough That Finally Allows You to Leave Your Data Where It Is While Integrating It at Scale - Without Compromises. Background - The Enterprise Data Fabric The...

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The Data Fabric Universe [Infographic]

Companies today recognize that exploiting the full value of their enterprise data to enable expanded use of analytics is an essential competitive battleground of the future. Data assets from...

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