2014 - What a year!

Posted by Raj Tekchandani on Jan 15, 2015 2:03:00 PM

Happy New Year !!

2014 will be remembered as the year when a variety of industry groups in Pharma, Healthcare, Financial Services, and other industries identified and adopted semantic graph models as the best approach to provide a business user understandable, platform independent, vendor agnostic approach to managing diverse data.

2014 was also the year when Big Data became mainstream and where it became increasingly important to not only cheaply store high volumes of data, but to contextualize and easily use the data in smart data solutions.

With these trends, Cambridge Semantics enjoyed record growth with revenues more than doubling, with 100% of all production customers renewing licenses, while identifying and creating new smart data solutions. Our employee base grew by more than 50% to meet the increased demand

Several customers and partners publicly addresses the value of Anzo. Examples include: Merck presenting at Bio-IT World on the Information Landscape solution built on Anzo. This solution provides users with an understanding of what data is located in which system, for improved access and analytics. At an earlier conference, Merck presented a Pharma Competitive Intelligence solution that subsequently won the software industry CODiE Award for the best business intelligence and analytics solution. Cognizant jointly presented the Emerging Data Lake IT Strategy with Cambridge Semantics at EDW.

We introduced the Anzo Smart Data Integration product designed to automate data integration using popular third party ETL tools, and to improve understanding and documentation of integrated data. We further extended the capabilities of our Anzo Smart Data Platform to handle data at big data scales, allow users to easily integrate value-add third party text processing tools and improved graph visualization and analytic capabilities.

This year alos saw the development of innovative new solutions in the Pharma and Financial Services industries centered on Compliance Surveillance, Search and Discovery, Information Landscape, Voice of the Customer, Key Opinion Leader and Metadata Management.

Looking forward to an even more exciting 2015. 

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